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Hopefully you can find the answers to your web development questions on this page. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Question: How many pages do I need?

Answer: Each business requires a different amount of web development, depending on their needs. You should have at least a home, contact, and services page. Some other popular ones are FAQ’s, map, products, features, links, feedback, and mission statement pages. 

Question: How do I notify you if I need an update?

Answer: The best way is to tell us in written form via our contact form. You need to let us know what page you want updated, what part of the page you want updated, and when you need it updated. As soon as we receive your message, we will immediately begin web development on the update. 

Question: What kind of updates do I need?

Answer: If your business has weekly, or even daily, specials, those should be listed and kept up to date. Photos on your site should be updated periodically to maintain a fresh look to your web development. Feel free to update as often as you need. 

Question: What is the benefit of updating?

Answer: Updating keeps your web development fresh, and visitors will look at your page more frequently. 

Question: I don’t have a scanner, but I have pictures for my site. How can I have them added to my web development?

Answer: Simply send your pictures to our office. We will gladly scan your pictures and incorporate them in your web development. Note: Do not fold pictures or any documents you are sending us. We need the pictures to be in good condition. 

Question: How will my site become known to Internet users?

Answer: After your web development is complete, you have the option of having Enterstellar.Com promote your site. Listings on search engines are not guaranteed, but promotion is strongly recommended. In addition to this, if your business markets nationally, 

Question: What do you need to get my web site online?

Answer: The content of your site is determined by you. For your web development you should provide your company logo, phone numbers, services & products, and basic information about your company. The information, when possible, should be in an electronic format, such as email or a word processing document. We would also like a list of keywords that people will use to search for and find your web site. This will aid us in web development. 

Question: Are there any other fees I should be aware of?

Answer: If you purchased your domain name through LonnieBraden.Com, we will bill you once a year for the cost of your domain name renewal. Your domain name will be automatically renewed by LonnieBraden.Com. Please ignore any 3rd party reminders.