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  •   Google
      You Tube
      A Friend
      Word of Mouth
  •   Yes
  •   Responsive Website Design (One website to fit all Mobile Phones, Tablets, Devices & Screen Sizes)
      Standard Website Design (non-responsive to mobile phones, mobile devices & tablets)
      Website Re-Design
      Repair Existing Site
      Shopping Cart / E Commerce Website
      Mobile Website Design
      Community Driven Website or Blog Website
      SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • (Lets us know what we can do to help)
  •   Bring in new clients/customers
      E commerce/Sell products online
      Educational, Training, or Instructional
      Extend Market Reach
      To offer information
      Video Instruction
  •   Yes
  •   Guestbook
      Online Forum
      Video/Audio Streaming
      Password protected area
      Recent Event/Promotional page
      Form input pages for inquiry/registration/booking/contacting
      A Blog
      Chat Room
      Photo Gallery
      Email newsletter sender
      Automatic Email Confirmation
      Store/Online Shopping/Order Taking
      News feeds (RSS) for your recent articles
      Content Management System (CMS) so I can edit my own website
  •   Yes, I already have my own content
      I have some of my own content but may need more
      No, I need you (Mark 5 Design) to write my web site content for me
      No thanks, I will put my own content in when my site has been completed with my new content management system!
      None of the above
  • We do not copy websites! This answers a ton of questions. In many cases it answers everything above and then some. Try and give us a couple in your industry that you admire.
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